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I have been teaching Middle Eastern dance since 1979 to the present. Throughout the years I have established a number of teaching modalities, encompassing large-scale troupe choreographies to zills to group improvisations to quarter rolling. Below is a list of ten subject themes I can teach.

1. Basic Belly Dance Technique Starting from the vintage 1970’s era (includes Marie Silva, Ibrahim Farrah, and Elena Lentini styling). This is all the basics I learned then till now.

2. Choreography Solo Recorded music, taught in a class atmosphere but geared for the individual performance:

*Astarte (Light Rain) *Raks Araby (George Abdo) *Samer (Djinn) *Farhat Shabab (Spectacular Rhythms from the Middle East) *Shatti Ya Dnyi (Essential Bellydance) *Ja Vidi (Christopher Goze) *Galbi (Arabic Groove)

3. Choreography Ensemble Recorded music, taught in a class atmosphere but full tableaux geared toward ensemble performance.

*Hadouni Hadouni (George Abdo) *Marco Polo (Loreena Mckennitt) *Habla Tabla (drum solo by Issam Housam) *Ode to the Elements (all of Side A) *Wandering (Gradual Motions 111) *Gypsy Rain (Marsala) *Jimmy Hafla (Djinn)

4. ZILLS!!!! ZILLS WITH DRUMS!!!! Technique, combinations and full choreographies with zills featured. Signature Drum/Zill choreographies created by Z-Helene and Rick Fink can be presented together. (Rick Fink can be hired to teach drum workshop and then play live for class) :

*Saidi/Ayoub (Intermediate) *Beledy (Advanced, taught and performed on the Z-Helene DVD Zills! Intermediate to Advanced) *Beledy (Beginning/Intermediate, taught and performed on the DVD, Belly Dance with Z-Helene, a Beginning to Intermediate 4-Disc Instructional) *Masmoudi (Intermediate/Advanced)

5. Group Improvisations Half-hour to one hour of guided improvisation centered around a specific theme:

*Dancer Noble Body Awareness/Body Parts *The Seven Levels *Dynamics! Tension, No Tension/ Curves, Straight Lines/ Symmetry, Assymetry *Emotions Galore! *Chakra Awakening/Kundalini Meditation *Veils and Breathing Every Which Way *The Five Elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Spirit *Dance Floor Plans using the Alphabet

6. Bellyyoga My unique hybrid of belly dance and yoga, fluidly fusing the two. A great opening or end to a workshop weekend.

7. Modern Dance for the Belly Dancer Uses concepts from modern dance extremely applicable to belly dancers for cleaner lines and better use of space.

8. Belly Dance Persona Development Utilizing movement, visualizations, writing exercises, and affirmations, the dancer is encouraged to “envision and claim” the exact dancer that they want and see themselves to be. Very powerful and life changing!

9. Learn How to Roll Quarters on Your Belly! This is a phenomenal, abdominal feat that is not a trick, but is the result of practice and immense concentration. There is a definite technique to it with several aspects that will allow you to dazzle and amaze your audience!

10. Massage for the Belly Dancer As a certified massage therapist since 1983, I have determined that as dancers we need to be able to do self-massage and to assist others. This class does both and is a nice way to end a hard-working dance day.

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