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   Welcome to our music page! Here are several music files in QuickTime format for you to listen to along with some info about each song. I hope you enjoy them!

Stalking tells the story of Hades and Persephone falling in love. Hades follows Persephone through a woods, Persephone lingers to let him catch up to her. The duet between the guitar and mandolin reflect the two lovers falling into each others rhythm.

Red Roses I wrote with my brother Mike Fink for our 'Rhythms From the Great Heart' show. It was written to showcase Helene's range of emotion and was inspired in part by the flamenco archetype of passion and angst. The red roses that are so beautiful also have the deepest thorns!

   When we were writing the song
Terra I had an idea I wanted to try. In constructing Terra I had been inspired by the second movement from Sibelius's Second Symphony. While I love Classical music I always felt that the rhythm arrangements were very simple. I combined a shiftetelli rhythm with a classical arrangement featuring the doumbek, bass and cello to create the rhythm structure. Next Helene wrote the melody line for the lead instrument, the oboe, and finally Michael Ochs helped to clean up the arrangements for each instrument. 'Terra' reflects the simple yet profound cycles of the earth and was specifically written for Helene's choreography.

 Tunisian Breakdown was written by Ike Eichenberg and appears on our Ode to the Elements CD.

  Have you ever had a waking dream? One in which some archetypal vision of reality is revealed to you and yet as you grasp it's meaning it dissolves like mist in the morning sun?
Waking from a Dream 

   Thanks, Rick Fink

Thanks to the Zaghareets readers for voting me 2000 Musician of the Year!
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