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Z-Helene has been belly dancing for more than three decades. In 1989 she attained a position, which she continues to hold, as instructor of Middle Eastern Dance at Austin Community College in Austin, TX. Asked by students for many years to create a permanent record of the information she teaches, this comprehensive Beginning/Intermediate DVD series is an assimilation of the building-block material she covers in her curriculum. It is useful for dancers starting out on their journey of belly dance who want a strong foundation and for those who want to refine and review the technique they already have.

The series is divided into four parts.

Part 1
Slow moves

Part 2
Fast moves

Part 3
Zills (finger cymbals)

Part 4

Enjoy the journey!

A 4 DVD set for only $50.00 plus 5.00 shipping!

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$10.00 P&H All Other Countries

   Z-Helene is an innovator in finger cymbal playing.  Known for her tour-de-force zill solos, she has wowed audiences nationwide with her unique style and expression.  Drawing from rhythmic concepts gleaned from Middle Eastern, flamenco, East Indian and tap dance,  she has fused a finger cymbal teaching method that is guaranteed to make an average zill player into an exceptional zill player.
   In this video, Z-Helene takes you through a series of zill drills that are designed to make your hands more responsive to your creative thought.  These should be watched first to familiarize yourself with the patterns and then practiced to along with the video. Z-Helene then teaches a finger cymbal choreography that weaves the zills and movement patterns into a tightly woven scripted piece.  Z-Helene  also performs several  improvisational zill solos that give examples of the full range of expression that can be obtained from using finger cymbals alone.  Finally, Z-Helene and her husband and drummer Rick Fink perform a live show utilizing only percussion, zills and poetry in which you,  the viewer, are taken on a powerfully rhythmic and intensely lush emotional journey.  Enjoy! Running time- one hour fifty minutes. DVD


$25.00 + $5.00 P&H U.S.
$10.00 P&H All Other Countries

       Here are ten dances from Z-Helene and friends, highlights from the shows 'Rhythms From the Great Heart', 'From East to West' and 'Cymbells'.
       This video shows Z-Helene's vision of the path that ethnic dance took as it traveled throughout the near and middle east and into the west. Elements of Middle Eastern, South Indian, Modern, Flamenco and African dance are represented here.
       'Rhythms From the Great Heart' was originally designed as a demo video for PBS. Running time- 30 minutes. DVD


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$30.00 + $5.00 P&H U.S.
$10.00 P&H All Other Countries

       The video opens with a short called 'Cymbells', a finger cymbal and ankle bell a cappella dance performance by Z-Helene taped in the Texas Museum of Natural History. It's wild!
       The main body of the video is from the live show, 'From East to West'. The first half of the show represents various dance forms in their original, unaltered states. Traditional Middle Eastern cabaret, Senegalese, Tap and a 500 year old Bharatanatyam dance that's choreographed right down to the eyeballs! The second half of the show is given over to our contemporary versions of these dance forms and reflect our own culture and contributions to the dance.
       Our goal was to pursue the idea that that which is true and beautiful in one culture can be shared with all cultures! Running time-one hour. DVD


$30.00 + $5.00 P&H U.S.
$10.00 P&H All Other Countries

     This is Z-Helene's first performance video and it is extremely innovative! It has some incredible group veil work plus three lengthy solos by Z-Helene which include "Ode to the Elements', 'Thundula' and 'Phersephone's Ascent'. Primarily Middle Eastern dance based, this video also has strong modern and African dance influences. Mostly live music by Z Band.

       "The day 'Ode to the Elements' arrived in my mailbox, I put it on the VCR, and before long was moved to tears. This video contained the best dancing I had seen all year!" -- Delilah, Visionary Dance Productions

       Running time- one hour twenty minutes. DVD



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ODE TO THE ELEMENTS -CD $15.00, Cassette $10.00 add $3.00 P&H U.S. $6.00 P&H All Other Countries

       Two full length routines in Z-Helene's eclectic Blue Wave style. The melodies are more western and the rhythm is Middle Eastern. Extremely danceable! Good tape for those who do not want the full Egyptian orchestrated sound and/or have been looking for music that is more in the American style. Very earthy and beautiful. CD

Listen to Stalking on the music page!
RED ROSES -CD $15.00 + $3.00 P&H U.S. $6.00 P&H All Other Countries

       A very wide range of danceable music. It has a slightly less ethnic feel to it than 'Ode to the Elements', but with a wider palette. Extremely beautiful. Suited for listening as well as very danceable. CD 

Listen to Waking from a Dream, Terra and Red Roses' on the music page!

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